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We are an economic enterprise that acquires agricultural inputs and provides proximity services to agricultural producers, farmers, NGOs through a professional team of Agronomist and motivated technicians



Our shop products are good quality. They are controlled and analyzed before sale to producers and farmers.
The products are sold in details. This allows each producer and farmers to buy quantity relative to their financial resources.

We provide rental to producers  of small agricultural equipment (seeder, plow, motor pump, processing device ...) who do not have resources to get it.

We provide farmer organizations with group orders in agricultural Inputs

We continuously strive to offer you an innovative, comprehensive range of gardening tools, plant care products, seeds, irrigation and other agricultural inputs.

 Your agricultural partner

The contribution of technical knowledge on the choice of inputs, the affordable Prices of inputs, the availability of Stocks, the ability to Buy in Details , the proximity of supply points are our major strengths