Agro Volaille Multiservice

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Agro Volaille Multiservice is a congolese company, specializing in the distribution and sale of high Quality vegetable and food seeds, innovative Veterinary products for livestock and pets, pesticides Respecting environmental standards, accessories and garden tools for  gardener and farmers, the accessories for the breeding of poultry, pigs and cattle.

Agro Volaille  also aims to contribute to increasing the incomes of small farmers through targeted assistance that helps farmers to develop their agricultural business as commercial units and also to promote environmentally friendly agricultural practices and economically sound.

Another vision of Agro Volaille consists in its consultancy office by the provision of services as well as the realization of Studies, of technical training for producers market, fish Farmers, bee breeding, poultry, gardening and landscaper.

Our main mission is to support farmers, farmers beginners and garden professionals to achieving their projects by putting in their provisions the basic necessary in agricultural inputs.

We have the responsibility and the privilege of promoting growth on input distribution network of efficient and cost effective who will reach all farmers of different provinces contributing so in production in high yield and in the food safety.